Bengies Drive-In Theatre
3417 Eastern Blvd.
Baltimore, MD 21220-2147

Showtimes, Directions, Rules & our Outside Food Policy:
(410) 687-5627
(410) 391-1956


Welcome To The Bengies Drive-in Theatre

Now OPEN for Our 61st Season in this 60th Anniversary Year!

**Now DIGITAL** The Bengies Drive-In Theatre features the BIGGEST movie theatre screen in the USA* (measuring 52 feet high and 120 feet wide. 6,240sqft) with a PERFECT picture!  This means there is NO "cropping."   *Please see the footnotes on our claim to the Biggest theatre screen in the USA, by Clicking HERE.

The Bengies Drive-In Theatre features TriPPPle features on almost every Friday and Saturday night, classic cartoons, vintage trailers and intermissions clips, in-car heaters and Dusk till Dawn shows! Please note that a radio is required to listen to the movies and you'll be glad you have one because our state-of-the-art FM broadcast system will impress you (AM broadcast is provided as well for your convenience.)

Be Ready to Attend Click Here for things EVERYONE needs to know BEFORE they arrive.

What's Playing?
Features and Showtime Information or call our Showtime Information Line at (410) 687-5627 or (410) 391-1956.
Receive our Movie Line-Up each week via text message Click Here

How Do I Get There?
Directions from near and far or you can call: (410) 687-5627 or (410) 391-1956

What's on the marquee?
Our marquee changes often, Click Here to see what's currently on it.

**Please review our Strictly Enforced House Rules before you arrive at our drive-in theatre and please take note of our Outside Food and Beverage Policy. Thank You!




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Friday, Aug 26th through Sunday, Aug 28th

Box Office Opens This Week
Fri and Sat - 6:30pm / Sun - 7:00pm

Suicide Squad
Rated: PG-13
Starts: 8:00pm

War Dogs
Rated: R
Starts: 10:15pm

Bad Moms
Rated: R
Starts: ** Fri and Sat ONLY - Shows AFTER the box office is closed. You must be in by box office closing time to see this show.
  ** Reduced Admission Available
click here for details