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Comments and Stories from Our Patrons...

Here are some of the kind emails we've received from our patrons. We really appreciate them. If you have a comment or a story you'd like to share about your experience at the Bengies, we'd love to hear it. Send them to


Hello, I just wanted to let you know that there are families, including mine, that bring their kids with food allergies to Bengies. Thanks for continuing to allow us to bring in our own food. We do not mind paying for this option.



First, I want to say this summer was the first time we experienced Bengies Drive-in Theatre and I want to say what a marvelous discovery you have been. We have now been twice in the first month we discovered you and we recommend you to all of our friends. We love everything about the experience, especially the food and how children friendly the environment is. As new parents, my daughter is 15 months, we are now at the stage where she doesn't sleep through an entire movie which makes going to a theatre impossible. That problem is solved at the drive-in as she runs around the inside of our car while we still get to enjoy the movie just like if we were at home. Your sound system is outstanding, the picture is great, and did I mention how great the food is?!?! Anyway, enough compliments, as I do have a legitimate question, when does the drive-in season end? Do you play movies until the first snowfall, until the end of October, until Thanksgiving? Let us know. We hope to attend as many movies as possible until you close for the winter I can't imagine you plow the lot, but if you do, lucky us! Thank you for giving us such a wonderful movie watching summer of 2010!

Best Regards,
Kevin and Athena


Its been decades since I've been to a drive-in and you brought all those memories flooding back. When the Alien Snack-bar Visitor intermission clip came on, I was sent right back to being at the Hudson River Drive-In in Stillwater, NY, sitting in the back of my parents station wagon. What made this even better was to share it with my wife and daughters. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Well be back to support and enjoy Bengies whenever we can.



Dear Mr. Vogel, We just wanted to take a moment to thank you for providing such a wonderful family entertainment environment for us.  We try to visit as often as we can.  Our daughter is 12 so we can only bring her when the movies are family oriented, but we come every time they are!  And my wife and I get out together on other nights as well. We especially appreciate the values you affirm patriotism, faith, service, etc.  Were not sure which we enjoy more, you talking to us or the movies! We understand a little bit what it must be like trying to keep Bengies going and we just want to thank you for all your many efforts over the years.  I don't think we've ever been so happy to pay extra for refreshments at the movies!  You are providing an entertainment sanctuary for many of us that is becoming more and more rare in today's world. Thank you so much!

God Bless you,

Dale and Lisa W.


Mr. Vogel, I would like to add my appreciation to you for your wonderful drive-in theater.  I love it!  And I love what you are doing. You must be commended for your work and ever detail you so brilliantly give for the best experience at the movie theater!  My first visit to Bengies was such a tremendous and nostalgic experience.  It was one of the all night movie marathons.  I loved every moment of it!  I love that you show current movies as well as the food you provide.  It is all great!  Please be encouraged and know that my hope is that you reap the benefits, in more ways than one, for all the good that you are doing.



Thank you so much for providing such a family friendly, clean, and inviting atmosphere! My daughter, her friend and I were there last night for the first time. Their first Drive in experience and my first at Bengies. We arrived early and had dinner there. The food was really very good and not bad price-wise good veggie choices and NON-greasy fries! We appreciated the chairs you have set out and ate there. Your staff were friendly and an incredibly efficient team in action. The playground was in great repair and nice variety for all ages. The restroom was spotless and seeing the security staff around put my mind at ease after dark. The BIG screen was that, indeed!! All over it was a wonderful experience which we will be repeating and telling friends and family about. Thank you again for preserving this venue and making it available for this generation and hopefully many to follow!!  Peace.



Hello. I am a LONG time patron of your very fine establishment. My parents brought me here when I was a boy in the 70s. I have brought my kids as soon as they were of age to enjoy movies. Now my kids are driving themselves to Bengies! I recently read your link regarding the Sun. AMEN! I too was duped by the paper and have just as recently cancelled my subscription. I really miss the News American. Bravo to you and if it matters, I have used your site to check out what is playing WAY more than the paper. Don't feel bad about the Suns problems - they brought it on themselves. Thanks for the movie memories! Here's to 50+ more years.

Daniel S


I took my daughter to the drive-in this weekend for the first time and she LOVED it. A great past time that I can share with my 13 year old daughter. We will be back. Enjoyed the show and all the people that work for you. Keep up the good work. 



Every time I return home on leave, I love to drop by Bengies and watch a few movies. Its nice, very peaceful. Haven't been to another drive-in since with the same aura.

SPC. Taylor, United States Army

We Will Be Back Many Times!  

Dear Management of Bengies, My family and I visited Bengies for the first time last night, 11/1/08.  I have a 4 and a 6 year old who loved the playground!  They watched from the back of our van.  We had an absolutely wonderful evening and were thrilled with the prices.  We saw two movies and had popcorn, drinks and cotton candy for 4 with less than we would have paid for the admission for one movie.  We will be back many, many times!  Thank you for providing this awesome family evening for us on a budget.

Sincerely, Deena from Elkridge, MD


Hello, I was reading through the comments and just wanted to add one of my own.  Bengies had always been a tradition to my mother when she was a child.  My grandmother would take her and her two sisters and one brother to Bengies to watch the movies.  And when I got old enough, Id never been, and my mother took me.  And I fell in love!  I love Bengies Drive-In, the voice from above.  Since that first visit, I've loved going.  Whenever there is a movie trailer that comes out that I want to see, I always check the week of its release, hoping that it'll be at the drive-in with two or three other awesome movies.  Me and my boyfriend have even gone on a few dates to Bengies. Bengies has been an awesome tradition, that I hope will be around if I ever have kids, and wish to take them there.

Rachel Leigh-Dundalk, MD


Awesome! I went for the first time last night. It was a great value! The $7 food permit is such a smart idea. i wondered how you could compete considering how much theaters need the concession $$$. Next time we will plan ahead. We decided to come @ 720pm in Bowie MD! We rushed like crazy... but didn't miss a thing! Oh-and the voice of Bengies was great-he seemed very personable, like someone you'd want to hang out with... and we do! We will return, and spread the word! Thanks for having such a great family and adult FRIENDLY place!

I LOVE!!!!!! your drive-in  

Dear Mr. Vogel,  Just wanted to tell you how much I LOVE!!!!!! your drive-in. I remember going there when I was younger and now take my own children there every single summer, usually numerous times. Whenever a movie trailer comes on the television that my boys want to see they always ask Hey mom, do you think that is showing at Bengies? and if it is we are there to see it. I love the fact that I can take my boys to the movies and see two or three movies for the same price as one in a conventional theater and save a lot of money in the concession stand and actually get a full meal for the same price as popcorn and a soda in those conventional theaters. Bengies drive-in has become a family tradition every summer and I sincerely hope that it is a tradition that my children can also share with their children. Continued success in the future and Ill see you at the drive-in.

Terri, Austin and Justin

1st Timers!  

Just wanted to say I had a blast this weekend, sorry it had to rain so much. But it was so great to be able to take my daughter to the same place that my parents took me to when I was younger. As you know things don't stay around that long any more, so it's nice to be able to start new memories with your own kids. Also I enjoyed showing my husband the drive-in I grew up with. We all had a great time thanks for the memories.
The Salisbury's
Overlea, MD


Great job this weekend, can't wait to come back!  

I just wanted to let you know how much fun my family and I had on Saturday night.  I grew up within walking distance of the Edmondson Drive-In, and loved going there when I was little and then later when I was dating (including a couple of visits with my wife before we got married.)  It really broke my heart when they closed up, and now that my kids are 11 and 8, and don't melt down at 9:00 at night, I wanted to let them have the same fun I used to have, but I know my way around London better than eastern Baltimore County. Between all the stuff my kids are involved in, and my job, for the past year or so, there was always something that kept me from going through the tunnel to visit you all...until this past weekend when the weather was perfect and nothing was in the way.  I can tell you it won't be our last visit.

I could complain about the time it took in the concession line, but I knew everyone else would be trying to get their food during the 1st movie, just like me, so it wasn't a surprise, and we had already seen it, so I didn't really care.  More importantly, everyone on duty was obviously working so hard and was so conscientious that I'd be a jerk to do it (and I do mean everyone, from the people working behind the food lines to the cashiers was extremely polite, smart and competent...if I had my own business, I'd try and steal them away from you.)  Ordinarily, I don't like waiting at all, but they actually made it tolerable and gave me hope for the future, since they're so young.  You are a very lucky man, and if I had to pick out one thing that made the night even better than I expected, they would be it.

Of course the screen itself and the way you run it (the cartoons, announcements, vintage advertisements) are as fantastic as I expected, and if I could lease one of the Adirondack chairs in front of the snack bar, I'd do it in a minute.  (I don't remember them from Edmondson, if they ever had them, but I may simply have forgotten.  You look at things differently when you're 43 than when you're 23.  The view is great, and they're silly comfortable.)  My boy (the 11 year old)is already looking forward to the next "dusk til dawn", after I described it to him. 

I hope you make tons of money.  I'll be throwing in my share, and telling everyone over on the west side what a great place and product you offer.    
Bill L.


What a Great Time I Had.....!!!  

Dear Bengies Staff,

Thank you sooooooooo much for making this Birthday Year the best!!   As a early birthday surprise, I attended this past Saturday show.  My friend would not tell me where I was going, and when I arrived at the Marquee, you could have bought me with a nickel.

Everything was so cool!  The concession staff was very pleasant and friendly, even offered to announce my Birthday tomorrow...(but I declined,...smiling)  And I got the biggest kick out of the announcer!!

I have not been to a drive in since I was 7 years old!!!!!  Being there bought back a lot of memories being with my family,  and bugging my parents about the concession stand because I couldn't wait to get my hot dog, popcorn, and soda.

This past Saturday ....sniff...I felt just as excited at almost 48 as I did at 7.   As I turn 48 tomorrow, I will be thanking my stars for  Bengies, making this the best birthday ever...


LaToniya L.

Homesick for Bengies!  

I've been going to Bengies since college in '95 and all my friends go now too.  I moved to Texas last year and am horribly homesick for Bengies!  There's a small drive in nearby, so that helps, but I always compare it and others to Bengies, which has set the standard.  

I may just buy a Bengies bumper sticker and wear it proudly here to remind myself of home.  Thanks for all of your hard work to keep this "historical landmark" open and thriving!

 Crystal F.

Ft. Hood, TX 


Movie Request  

I hope this gets read, but my wife and I have been coming to Bengies for 3 years with at first 1 child and then as of a month ago our second child (he was born June 5th) and we have loved the experience every time we have come to the theater.  Watching the Hills have Eyes in a lighting storm was something truly amazing.  Also the strict rules and no-nonsense take on the rules is refreshing as well.  We also only buy food at the concession stands in the hopes that while its only 30/40 bucks we spend it helps keep the drive in open.   The joy you give to us as parents that we can go and enjoy some movies while having the kids with us is unimaginable.  I recommend Bengies to everyone that I talk to about having a great Friday/Saturday/or Sunday treat.  I know that sometimes it might seem that the patrons of Bengies don't care or give the staff a hard time, but trust me you do have loyal and very appreciative fans of what Bengies does.  So, onto my request....

Since 2 years ago when I spoke to you I asked for Serenity and then the week you guys showed it I couldn't make it,  I would like to request the latest Die-Hard movie, Live Free or Die Hard.  Also for another amusing story, my wife was very skeptical of going to see Transformers and it was only half-way through the movie that she looked at me and said, "I can't believe I actually LOVE this movie."  

Thank you again.

John G.


I've been coming to the Drive In for about 3 years now.  Although, I live an hour away in P.G. County, I make it a point to come out every time Mr. Vogel has something new playing.  So far I've manage to have at least 3 carpools of 5 or more coming at a time and I've never received one complaint from anyone I bring.  I'm happy to report that those individuals make there way from as far as Virginia to enjoy the show.  I have friends that bring their little ones to enjoy features, and I have friends who bring a date to get the feeling of the 50's. (smile).  Overall, I just want to say GREAT JOB and keep up the good work.  I have no suggestions on how to make it better.  You can't improve anything that's already perfect.  Many blessings and I'll continue to see you on the weekends. 



Eric J.



Dear Mr. Vogel,

I just had to take a moment to let you know that my family and I went to Bengies for the first time this past Saturday and we had such a wonderful time!  My husbabd and I are originally from Rockville, in Montgomery County MD and I just recently found out about your theater.

I personally have many fond childhood memories of going to the Rockville Drive-in Theater with my parents back in the late 60's and early 70's.  I had been really hoping that there was a Drive in around where we could create similar memories with my own children.  Well I just have to tell you that you DO NOT DISAPPOINT!!!!!   As soon as we drove in I was immediately swept back to CIRCA 1969 and the 6 year old little girl memories came flooding back.  Right down to the playground in front of the movie screen,  EVEN THE LIGHTNING BUGS!!!!

Our two boys had a blast playing and I could barely get my 2 1/2 year old off the slide as dusk hit and the lightning bugs started their evening ascent up to the trees letting us know it was time to get back to the van for the first cartoon!!!!!  Just like 35 years ago!!!!!!

My husband and I were tickled as we watched the vintage concession ads and movie trailers!  We even started singing "Lets all go to the Lobby to get ourselves a TREAT"  We still knew all the words!!!!! GO FIGURE!!!!

I am so glad that we found you!  We DEFINITELY plan on making Bengies Theater a family tradition this summer and hopefully for many more years to come.   Thank you for giving our family the opportunity to create our own fond drive-in movie memories!!!!!

Best Regards, Christine, Owings Mills, Maryland

Can't Get Enough...  

This is our third season at Bengies.  There just isn't enough space to tell how much we love it!  Thank you for keeping the past alive!  Its so nice to be able to share this experience with our young daughter.  Just the mention of going to Bengies has her behaving immediately.  As veterans, we want to applaud you for continuing the tradition of playing the National Anthem.  It's such a great way to honor our country and one that indoor theaters no longer care about.  Your ticket and concession stand prices are simply unbelievable.  We travel about an hour to come to Bengies and it is worth every penny of the rising fuel costs.  On any given Friday night, you save us over $50.00 and that doesn't include the additional two movies that we would have to pay for elsewhere!  We think your house rules are more than fair and find it refreshing that they are actually enforced.  Your house rules have provided us with a wonderful family experience and awesome blast into the past.  Most
 people have children that don't get to experience a drive-in.  Thanks to Bengies, our daughter doesn't have to experience indoor theaters!  She gets to breathe fresh air while watching a top-rated movie with no distracting people sitting in the seat next to her.  Thanks for the always-fun drive-in experience!

The Rowe Family

Thanks For Everything  

I would like to start off by saying that there is no better place in the world to see a movie than Bengies.  My first experience at Bengies was only a couple of years ago.  It was a triple feature but I could only make it in time to see the two feature films; Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Batman Begins.  I was (and still am) blown away that you can go see two or three movies for less than most theater chains charge for one movie.  On top of that, I almost collapsed when I saw the prices at the concession stand.  It was like a kid in a candy store when I saw how reasonably priced everything was.  Now I could get popcorn, soda, a hot dog, and a burger (not all of it is for me) for a little over what I would pay for a medium popcorn and soda "deal" at other chains.  My friends and I are all in our early to mid twenties and do enjoy doing what most people our age do on weekends.  However, we all agree that a trippple feature on a Friday or Saturday is better than any drunken night on the town.  We love the atmosphere, we love the prices, and we basically love the whole experience.  I feel like I'm rambling but I can't express my appreciation for Bengies any other way.  So in closing, thanks to everyone at Bengies, from bottom to top, who has made, and kept,  this place a great place to see a movie.

Nick Gleason-Smuck



Thanks for an awesome movie-going experience. I took my kids to see Nacho Libre and Superman Friday night, and we loved it. This was our first trip to The Bengies. We moved to Maryland from Ohio last August, and heard about your drive-in just as the season was winding down. But we were determined to try you out. We had several drive-ins in the Dayton area, and frequently saw films at the Skyborn Cinemas in Fairborn. But NOTHING compares to The Bengies!

Entering the snack bar, it was like stepping back in time. I felt like I was 10 again--and believe me, that was many moons ago! And seeing the cartoons, the old trailers, the kitschy intermission stuff--perfect!

Thanks for the amazing night. Our family will be back to The Bengies soon -- and often!

Steven B.

Thanks for a great weekend  

My kids, my husband and I truly enjoyed hanging out with you last Friday, and remembering with you the humble beginnings of the Bengies. Your special tribute brought tears to my eyes during the National Anthem. I pray for your family and for the future of The Bengies Drive In. Happy 50th Anniversary.

Artondra H.

We Love the Bengies!!  

Dear Mr. Vogel,

My Wife Sonja and I absolutely LOVE Bengies. We try to come as much as we can. You are running an all around wonderful place. The first time we came to Bengies, we were completely surprised at how much of a blast from the past it was. We had only heard about Drive-Ins in History books and culture classes in Grade School in College. Now, we actually got to see one, in person - and continue to see it every week. I gotta tell you, the overall wonderful experience is what keeps us coming back for more almost every week. It gives families a place to get together, couples a wonderful place for a date, and friends a place to hang out and see some good movies. We want to say Thank You for doing such a wonderful job with this place. We will keep coming to Bengies for hopefully many more years to come. We both pass around the weekly emails at our offices in the hopes that more people will come. But all in all, Thank you so very much for having such a wonderful, family oriented, drive-in.

Errol & Sonja E.


I just wanted to let you know that my family and I enjoy our outings to your drive-in. I don't see a problem with the rules. In fact, it helps to maintain order and keep the atmosphere family oriented.

The Cotton family


Hello my name is Nicole. I went to your theater about 2 years ago and I had a blast. I can't wait to go back. I ask my mom all the time and she said we can go soon. I can't wait. I hope you stay open for a long long time for there is only 1 left in Maryland. So can't wait to come back.

Your friend Nicole

RE: Our 51st Season Begins!  

Looking forward to another great year!!!

Kathy S.

Hello, again, Mr. Vogel  

Perhaps you will remember me from several years ago. I wrote you about how my husband, Mason and I, had our first date at the Bengies back in 1962. You most kindly sent me a "speaker" keychain which I cherish! I've had several older friends want it but I'm not parting with it!
Since this is the last night of the season and the beginning of the fiftieth year, I just had to write you this story. It would be nice if people would write in to share a memory or two and compile it in a little booklet form. I know I would buy it! What memories!
Anyway, about my story. One weekend after Mason and I had been dating for a while, we took up our regular spot at the Bengies and the cartoon began. I'll never forget it. It was Heckle and Jeckle. I guess I remember so well because that was never my favorite cartoon. The following week, we were again at the Bengies. The cartoon started and there was Heckle and Jeckle again. We wondered what happened but didn't pay much attention. Sure enough, the following weekend, there was Heckle and Jeckle again and again and again. I believe it is safe to say that we saw this same old Heckle and Jeckle about five or six weekends in a row! By the final time, we were taking bets on whether it would be on again. Mason and I took turns rattling off the script as the cartoon went on and on. Yes, we had seen it so many times, we had memorized it! Those were the days.
Thanks for allowing me to share another memory of the Bengies. As I rapidly progress toward my 60th birthday, I never imagined the impact the Bengies would have on my life. You take care. Continued success!

Most sincerely,
Jeanne H.

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